Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nescafe, anyone?

I ammmmmmm really full! i feel fat, but in a good way =P 

We brought foods to the office today! 
I made Puding Jagung, Yana PECAL, Kak Jo KUIH MUIH & fruits, Kak Vel bought cake, Kak Dyg with Rendang Daging, Kak Daisy bought plates and cake (too), Azman brought Ketupat & Ikan Asam Pedas, Asli cooked Rendang Ayam (I finished everything!) & Sambal Udang, Mike sponsored canned drinks, Boss had Kari Kerbau and Taib gave money =P ahaha, it was just so watering! i think i had more than 4 dished? or could be more. 

it was a day of craziness and really really really fun! 
Mr. Big Boss even said,

'aii, kalau saya retire suda, memang saya ingat ni gaya kamu semua' 

:') awwww .. so sad! knowing the fact that he'll be retired next July. He's been really down to earth man. He'll be always remembered :) pictures will be posted, justtt soo sooon! in actuality, i need to focus and concentrate on my exam tomorrow! i literally forget most of what ive studied sooooo many freaking years ago! 8 years was the years to grow both mentally and emotionally. i wont cry, like i did.  I am going to give the best shot! =D i sounds intense, i know. haha

I'll fly to KL anytime now (might be next week) .. i havent get the exact date yet but my Head Of Branch said it'll be just around the corner (he's anxious just deeply like me!) 
. It's been almost 1 YEAR ive been in the PNB's family!! so, yes, my next concentration is the Confirmation Interview! Oh God, grants me strength, extra strength! :D 



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