Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally, my wish comes true!!

yeshh! will fly to New York City Next week ! and to Seoul, Korea the following week! And it's all sponsored!!! how awesome ! :D

naaah, only if these wishes come true. haha

Actually, i finally ate the nicest Rendang last night!! it melted in my mouth soo juicy and spicy. i ate it like it was my first time, but seriously guys, it was sooooooo damn delicious! Daging masak Kurma, Terung (i think they cooked it with Santan) .. everything just so delly!

(saya masak Tauhu Sumbat, Ayam Goreng & Telur Sos seja :P maluuuu... )

i wanted to share some Raya pics here, but since all those pics are saved in my lappy and im currently borrowing Ms. Yana's lap .. will share it later. Oh, only if Mr. Celcom allow me to do, we have a rough relationship these few days. i wanna break up with him, but ive been faithful to him for soo many years..... it makes me think twice.


waiting to go home. see ya later.

later dudeeeeee.

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