Monday, February 27, 2012

Only Youuuuu.. can make the world seems right, for it's trueee... you're my destiny :)

Gooooood morning Monday! howie dowie lowie ! 
just came across, i dont even know the meaning of it. hah!

anyhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ~
Yana has officially moving to KK Branch, leave me all alone here :'( so sad ! no more cooking, baking cake, gossiping together. u know, we did things almost 24/7. 
Wish u all the best, dear.

Good news is, 
Mike is moving in with us next month! yaaay! we still can do things me and Yana used to do, like, gossiping, outing, loafing. but not cooking or baking, i guess. So, i clean the whole house yesterday, someone just buy me a big king size bed with the comfy mattress ever! (i know, it will takes me forever to wake up from my bed =P) i basically moved my old bed to my brother's new room. doing some new decorating. My Air-cond has been serviced, the lamp has been fixed.. ive been spending my weekend mostly with fixing and decorating activities =)

and it turned well. looking absolutely veeeautiful =P

More good news is, 
finally, after weeks, ive my baby with me! 
oh God, i am so thankful! now we'll have a comfy ride on the road :)
let's drive like a rock star!
                               Thinking of going back to Ranau this week, but that depends. 

okay, that's it. 
til my next post, 

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