Monday, February 13, 2012

Raining Monday

found my broadband, oh my God. finally. im getting sick of playing the hide n seek with mr.bband. luckily, it shows up on the right time, at the right place =) im having a fever, flu and sore throats since the last few days. sneeeeeezing every second is not cooooool, man. as much as i need MC, i somehow still need to bring my ass to the office. 

i'll join the guys to Lahad Datu this coming wed & thurs. Overnight =( my first time to Felda. i hope it's not as bad as my colleague described the place. Hoho. Oh, if you happen to be in LD, come visit our counter :) there'll be lots of things going on, like, registration, salary deductions, kwsp and such. 

that's it. 

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