Sunday, September 23, 2012

sunday sundae.

Howie Howdie Howlie! 

yeah, yeah, yeah. times fly really really fast. It's already Sunday. i know right? time just flies so fast. the good news is, Friday arrive too soon, in a blink of an eye, pop! it's already friday. Age is added, i looked myself in the mirror and see this wrinkle surrounded my eyes, damn. cant believed 28 years have really gone. 

i remember playing with my grandpa, 
when he's dancing along with the zapin song. 
cooked his meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner
and when he, with his torch, accompanied me in the living room just because he knew i was a girl who's afraid of ghost. 

even tho i can see them, still, it scares me all the time. 
years passed, now that he's gone.
the dream i had, the voice i heard, it's the sign of him to leave us. 
i miss him, yes. i truly am. 
God bless your soul pa. 

i remember gathering with my buddies, most of the time were at my home. they even stay overnight. the stories we had, boys, crush, loves, enemies and studies? some times. now that we've grown up, the path we choose to follow, some has already found the one, and some still in the relationship (like, it's going to be 9 years now) - seriously jie, im dying to see you guys tie the knot. we barely have the time to chill out now, we have to plan over and over again to make sure everyone is there. girlfriends, is it really hard to find time for us now? like, really?

Oh, i also remember of me being the favorite child in class. 
i was awarded as his best pupil (which i thought was funny cause i seriously dont have the criteria for becoming so) 
man, i wonder where's Cikgu Fauzi is now? the last time i heard, he's moving back to peninsular. and that was in 1995.
those moments become memories. it's a good thought during the good time. 
but seriously, i have wrinkle in my eyes!!!! 

whatever. it's doesnt change a thing anyway. 
sooner or later, i will still going to have them. 

Oh, it's sunday and im craving for sundae ice cream. 

why Blackberry doesnt have any blogspot application? Boooo! i have to subscribed the internet just to blog. Im selling away my bb, anyone? 


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