Sunday, September 30, 2012

How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older? happy birthday!

36! and she still looks fantastic!
i think i look older than her, haha

Planned to surprise Kak V last Thursday. Her birthday fall on Saturday actually but since Kak Dash wont be around, we decided to do it 2 days earlier. We bought satay, coke and a cappuccino cake. i was responsible for bringing the cake, so i went to take it at 4.30pm, soon after we closed the counter, and knocked on the back door, friends inside switched off the light and together we sang her birthday song. 

She was still reading the newspaper even the light was turn off! haha
but then, she quickly said 'i can sense something is wrong because you guys whispering every time i pass u'

anyway, we still got u kak v!
Happy so many returns!


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