Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Run running run

Feeling hungry already. Waiting for my dearest colleague for lunch, few things running in my head  some done, some pending. I need to re dye my hair to black. Hitam mutu keunggulan. Haha I need to cut it a bit. I need to re deco my bedroom n living room. D old deco makes me bored. I need to pack my unused items and donate. Few boxes has been donated. Need to re pack again. I need to do the EA filing.  Hopefully ada rebate juga. Haha last year negative so yes hopefully this time ada rebate. I need to find more companies for salary deduction. Need to increase d profit. I need to go to krabi.. I miss traveling. Havent decide where to go yet, so far just within malaysia. But krabi or korea sounds good. Haha hopefully there's more bonus be given. Hahaha

Well. Thats it. Later

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