Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rest in peace Heroes

Sabah was shocked by d invaders in lahad datu. Honestly, I thought the gov will make them leave without any bloodshed happen. Unfortunately,  it happened. It's really sad to see the families of d fallen cops grieving over those coffins. Some were just too young to die. Some still have a small kid to look after. Devastating, thats how I really feel.

Of course, they got promoted after, but for me, personally, it wont change anything. The name, history.. yes. But those families would still feel d lost of their loved ones.. forever.

They died for the country. For sabah. For us. I wish I could give my last respect for them. To at least, say thank you. Im in sandakan, working n living here.. we feel the threat that any time we will be attacked by those so-called sulu armies. We received texts to get stand-by, buy foods and stay in doors. I feel terrified.  I feel insecure. I feel unsafe. Esp when I have a baby, a family here. What would we do of the sulu army (la sgt!) Come to my neighbourhood? 

Too many questions running in my head.

But hubby is so positive about this, he assured me things will be fine, the soldiers will do their best protecting us from d this harm. Believing him, believing God, believing the soldiers, I keep calm.

Even now, at this moment. . When the war is happening again in Lahad Datu, I remain calm. We should believe them. We should believe how strong them to defence Sabah.

Rest in peace for those fallen cops
May your soul will be placed among the religious. 
Sleep peacefully.

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