Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Belated birthday

Hi guys. Howie dowie?

Im doing good. Quite good. Just few things need to be ran here n there. Husby is going to adopt a new baby, prob next week my saga will be parked alone at d parking lot.. and we're going to have our own house maybe next january. With God's will. I have few of scatch in my mind, haha husby let me to design how our new house will look alike.. simple and one storey, maybe. Let's see. With God's will.

Heres some recap those days when my son turns to ONE. On may 11th, we celebrated his birthday at our house, my parents and siblings were all here.. :) it's reallly been ages since d last time we gathered. I heart them. Went to bed around 1am, and d cleaning progress was continued by husby's cousins. Haha

Soooo, on may 13th (d actual birthday) we again, celebrated our son birthday at my mum in law's house. He shared d same birthday with husby's bro, so they both blew d candle awayyy.

Tiring days I can say. Haha but anything for you son, anything just for you. Well, lets get back to work.


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