Saturday, June 22, 2013

Miss saturday

Finally .. a time of my own. Pampering myself here at rever beauty saloon, they basically add another rm60 for my hair doing. Grr.. but d boss discount it to rm250. Still grrr la sikit. Anyway, husby is busy wt his things at d moment, son is with his grandparents, having a good time playing around I bet.

We are so busy preparing for our internal quality audit this coming monday. Ive rechecked my file over n over again, yet it still unsatisfy me. What if this. What if that. I dont wanna disappoint my boss anyhow. Cause naggggggging is d last thing I wanna hear now.

Good news is, we are leaving sandakan for a week for a so not-really honeymoon trip. Hehe nahhhh, no 'over the sea'trip this year. Since im expecting our second baby n things get pretty busy for us. Plus, we need to renew our passports. 5 years passed. How short those years was. Hopefully, next year will be a great year for us. Husby is planning something good for our vacay. Hopefully, next year will be a fabolous year for us ;)

Well. Thats it.

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