Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well, hello there 2014!

It's new year's eve.

Felt like yesterday I bid goodbye to 2012. How times has flown! We are about to wave eternally sayonara to 2013 for another (good) year. How the year has been??

It started okay and went smoothed on January (maybe because of the annual bonus haha) my dear buddy Yana has officially joined the marriage club in Februart. My, We were good in matching her with my husband's bff :p oh, I thought I was pregnant because of the sickness I felt in that month, but the pregnancy test was negative. we went to check again in March and yes, you got it right. Dr Teh confirmed the news. I was pregnant. April...... well April, what happened in April? .. Haha May, d election caused a great distance between me and husband (I have never like politics, never).. so yes, it was the month of I'm having severe heartache. Haha he was so busy with the f election. Grrrr...  Other than that, My son turned to ONE =) held two parties for him. Husby make up all the times he missed in May by taking us to Langkawi & KL in June, it was a memorable trip. Langkawi has the beautiful beach! I always love beach. July, it's d month where I was shocked to know the death of my Cory Monteith. It took me several weeks to accept the fact. sigh,  I'm such a big fan I know. But, looking on d bright side, July, it was my birthday! Turned 29. Husband planned a sweet surprised by taking me to my fav restaurant. (Lots and lots of food) on August, we went to sleep over at my sister's house, together with mum. Went shopping. I do think we had fun doing that. Sept, I was hospitalized twice! Haha over pressured i guess. October, I gave birth to the lovely Carl =) November,  confinement month in Ranau ^^  December, went to KL and back to work.

I do hope 2014 brings more goodies personally for me and my family. Naah,  I think I have the same resolutions for so many consecutive years already. So this time, I am going to be firm to myself. I resolves to lose weight, be healthy, be good (a good mum & wife) do saving and Traveling!!!!! Hehe

Well, happy new year guys! Lets keep the hope and pray for the world peace.

Until then 2013, thanks for the 365 ups and downs days. Xoxo

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AnnieMing said...

Hi Ninie!

2013 really has been a happening year to you and your family, right? ^^ May 2014 will bring more blessings and happiness to you! Happy New Year, moi..