Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life is full of surprise.

Indeed... indeed
I remembered few years ago (so many years ago to be exact) dr ravi discovered that a small lump was found on 'me' (to be general) with d medications and everything, thank God that dr confirmed i was healthy and okay.

Now. After having a severe headache (and thing this and that) dr edmund suggested i should take a blood test which i did. The result was out and.... one good news. One bad news. Haha so d good news is, i dont have a serious cardiac problem. Only a slightly loose. :) D bad news is.. jeng jeng jeng! Haha

For now, dr gave me pills for 30 days. Which i need to take every day and we'll take another test to see if everything's back to normal after a month. Hopefully la. But im trying to positive. It's not that bad anyhow. Be positive!

And only after that we can decide if i need to go to SMC or not.

Thats it. Lets just pray and wish for d best. Shall we? Cheers!

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