Friday, May 22, 2015

🎶 causeee youu light of my lifee 🎶

i promised myself to clear d wardrobe 30 minutes ago, but i am still sitting at d corner of this bed, lookinggg and (just) buy lots of stuff online! not cool. ive been staying with my in laws for more than a month now. no, actually it has been more than 2 months. i gained weight (alot!) here but i dont have to clean the house everyday like what i did back at home. it's a guilty pleasure. i hate becoming fat but i also love im having more of me time at night. 

Daisy jie just asked my 'so Jane, wheres your next destination?' at d office today. 
i am sooo looking foward to visit Korea! Spring would sound awesome, i am so2 keen to see the Sakuras! tapiii my husband just not in d mood of traveling right now. 

so yes. my next destination would be, Ranau or kk, only. 

picture : taken in Osaka last autumn. just a lil inspire for me to keep on checking the air ticket hoping for a good luck! 

ok, saranghea ❤️

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