Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oh my nutella

i have a new addiction. it's called nuhh tehhh lah! 😂 i baked macaroons with nutella filing once but urg, d taste was just too sweet (of which i had already cut d amount of sugar to half) but thisss, omg. i think i can finish two of these in just a minute! i hardly find this kind of nutella in most shops here but you can get in Tai Chung supermarket cost rm9.90 each. of course in KK no problem laa to buy this kan. 

happy face! in Singapore, they sell it only 3 Dollar for two!! soo lucky eh singaporean. 

& husby bought me alotttt from his visit in Kehel 😘😍 i still have few in his luggage haha! 

ok til then, lets nutella-ing 😍

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