Monday, June 7, 2010

alone. and sucks.

Rayyana: jane, mcmana ko skrg?
Me: ray, mcm teda arah tuju suda hidup sa, duduk druma seja.. boring gila.
Rayyana: ahahahahahaaha

alone at home. like hari2 biasa. urgh. sooooo bored !! :( i need a new job! thinking to go back to the place i used to be :P with the uniform and weeee... to meet TOURIST! cough* foreign tourist :P but let's see if there's a vacant for me k. hehe anyways, i was bored to death last night and suddenly, the chicken satay dancing on my mind.. the one at Bandar Kim Fung/ABC shop. yum2. gila, berliur ba t'ingat2 ni. so, i experiment myself to bakar satay yesterday's evening. lol. i was all alone kipas-kipas api, while my dearly parents watching tv.

tadaaa! the homemade satay!

but the abc's satay still the best. hihihihi way better than mine indeed. ahaha and i dunno how this crazy idea showed up, but i even captured some angels at my bedroom for you guys to see. BORING ba. hehehe

that's it for today.

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Cath J said...

sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee..... ^_^