Sunday, June 20, 2010


OMG! im sooo bored! so freaking bored :( ive been spending my 6 months with doing nothing. urgh. NOTHING is another word for boring. yeah. It's 15 minutes before 4am at this moment AND eating kuih pisang.. lol, it's funny, so vice versa with my dearly fam. i can even heard the snoring from here.. when the sun comes out, i'll starts yawning, when they wake up, i'll goes to bed. and When they eating breakfast, i'll be still on my bed, dreaming away. that's how my routine went for the past 6 months. me? The cullen? do you think so? they dont sleep, at all. i guess u know that :P but, weeeee.. how freaking romantic it would be to have Edward as my lover :P geez *melt* Eclipse!! i cannot wait for it! :D

Ive been STAR WORLD's fan nowadays. Cougar Town. Accidently on purpose. How i met your mother. Desperate Housewives. Ghost Whisperer. 90210. Grey's anatomy. Parenthood? .. and


Gossip Girl on 8TV =)

see, craps. that's all im good at. hahaha. you know, for now. hehe

FATHER's DAY!!! today - JUNE, 20th 2010 :))

I love you!!

cheers for now.

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