Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I get up and out of bed,
Try to forget all those things we said.
It's now over for good,
I promised myself to leave it right there here I stood.

People always tell me things will get better,
But I find myself writing you half a letter.
How did we fall so far apart,
You left me not knowing where to start.

I am here now trying to find out how to survive,
And struggling to just keep myself alive.
I remember when you were a hero in my eyes,
You were always there to give me a suprise.

But those are just long lost memories of mine,
Maybe this is our life design.
I spent so many days cold and lonely,
I believed that you were my one and only.

There are some things in my head I'll take to my grave,
But it won't be all that love that I gave.
You made me so emotionless,
And you gave me all this stupid stress.

I try to believe in things I can't see,
But is there even hope for me!
My back is up against a wall,
And it's hard for me to keep standing tall.

Life just isn't worth it anymore,
You left me standing at the door.
You said it's time to say goodbye,
And I just wondered... why?

by Tommy

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