Friday, July 30, 2010

All i could do is CRY.

I was holding you in arms, praying you to be strong and recover soonest. I tried to feed you but you was just too weak to chew your foods and it broke my heart to see you tried your best to get up and had a little drinks. I can see your pain and i can feel it too. You looked at me with your tiring eyes and i tried to comfort you the best i could. This morning, i woke up hoping to bring you to doctor, but you leave me sooo soon. you were too young to die T__T

i MISS you so much. I miss how you mess the floor with all the newspaper. I miss how you waits for us with your moving tail in front of the door. I miss how you barked to the moving plastic. I miss how you try struggling to open my bedroom's door. I miss how you lying on kitchen's floor when im cooking. I miss to call your name, and you'll be there in a second. I miss you. i just miss you.

we will always love you Ko.

Rest In Peace.


AngeL BeaR said...

i understand how it feels to lose a pet...=.=

Cath J said...

so sorry to hear that.. -_-

take care..