Sunday, July 25, 2010


routine for today:

woke up as early as 7.30am for an interview. arrived exactly at 8.30am. have a little chit chat with the other candidates there. i have million things running my head in fact, all suddenly gathered together, leave me hanging on the air. but luckily, the interview went well beyond my expectation. i hope i make it tho. i always have a fond in tourism :)

went to windows shopping later that, with my sister.
and do some banking stuff.
there were millions people on the road today, it's Pay day people :D

and went home around 17.00 something. took a shower, ate my nasi lemak and fall asleep. Only woke up few minutes ago.. 8 hours on dreaming and i still havent made up my mind to go Labuan or not. sigh.

Them: Do you think you can live in Island life, no shopping complex, no clubbing (duh) ?
Me: Im not sure, but i think i can cope with island life.
Me: .. yes (maybe)


but i hope i can choose the best for myself. ive been idling with the wrong paths these few years. sigh.

Jiayou :P

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