Sunday, July 17, 2011

oh, i love gift =P

i wanna make this short and simple. cause im running out of ideas, of what to talk and describe. . has anyone ever read this anyway? :D

and that is why i have pictures all the way down :P
picture tells story effectively than words.

okay. i love gift. i just love it. regardless of any thing, i will still love it. as long it is given not by myself and it's wrapped, i will be the happiest lady u've ever seen :D

My man was supposed to surprise me by the parcel he had secretly posted to my office's address days before my birthday. clumsy him, he let me hold his phone and i accidental read his text. HAHA so, yes, i knew all the plan. seeing my reaction reading those texts, he grabbed the phone and said

' you shouldnt read this!!!!! astaga!! '

he forgot to delete it. hihi so, the day i supposedly to jump and be surprised, i finally received the parcel and it has beautiful words written with it. my, it was so lovely :) i love it a lot!!

i was almost collapse into tears, or - wailing - when he surprised me again days after birthday, with a pair of Grey Contact Lens. aww :') he wasnt really into buying things like this, and i am not encouraged to spent money to it either, he'll always reply me like,

'You already got glasses, so what's up with the lens?'

and this time, hee bought it for me!! waahh, soo happppy! (even dia sikit t'salah degree tu lens, hihi) :D

BFF - Bestfriend Forever <3

it was custom made for me, and actually, the 8 of us got it each for birthday.

Gomoi bought it for me all the way from Korea :)
Samsamidaaaa ^^

p/s: cannot wait for May to come. weee, experience Seoul <3

and Kak Vel gave me the Floral Pinky Hair Clip :)


with most of it. this is the coolest!
i got a parcel sent by Skynet last Thursday.
i seriously thought i had won some kind of a contest. it was wrapped nicely, too big to guess. i was slowly opening it with my colleague around. and funny was, they kept on guessing what would the item be.

'Jane, handbag kali'
'Jane, Pasu Bunga kali'

hehe.. but it was way better than those!!! i got a mug with my sister's and my face on it!!!! it is sooooooooo pretty!!!!! i was overjoy! i was just waiting for Ashley to come out and said 'You've got Punk!'

i love it soooooooo much!!!!!

and i just cant thank enough :')

oh, i bought a cactus for myself.

and it has a name.



That's it for now.
til next post, Daaaa ~

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