Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Hairdo ~

i am getting really tired of my hair style, in fact it doesnt looks good at all.
pretty dry actually, and ponytail is the only option i have. sooo boring eh!
im thinking of getting it curly again, for the hundred times =P
mum said
'tia payahla.. nanti tia sampai 1 bulan, kasi lurus juga balik'

but i need to, i really need to change my look.

How about these ;


If im in my mid 30's, then yes.


i have my eyes on Whitney's wavy hair! it looks so perfect on her, seriously because she is beautiful :)) and i dont think it's permanent wavy, i bet she had her hairstylist every morning do the curly thing.

that's mean if i wish to have just like hers, i must
1) change my hair colour, like, again.
2) wakes up at 5am and do the perming.
3) getting myself a hairstylist =P

But it is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty!! i like it! a lot!!

or maybe, i should just cut it shorter, just like Whitney's new looks.
but, in black/brown hair version.

I am so confused! :(

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