Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Never thought (that i could love)

this week has been the slowest week ive ever been to!! it was a hard time for me to count every tick, wishing and praying it will so Friday soon! why?

a . the auditor will fly back to kl tomorrow, which is really a good news for the entire office. we were such in mess to tell ya the truth. i thanked God i did had the time to finish the batching just right before the Auditors came.

b. i'll get the air-conditioner installed tomorrow :D

c. Gaji day which is on FRIDAY :D

d. Weekend. i just love weekend. muahehehe!

e. pampering myself. no, i cant be pampered at the office. i was trapped in the great pressure that was almost drowning me. i am having a little hard time to know that i have to be at the back office, and pretending to be busy. since basically, all i do is just the Salary Deduction things, kwsp (if any), attend seminars and some admins work.

i feel bad to waste my time with nothing.
even if i tried to read back all the files (for our coming confirmation interview) i still finds it so stressful. is there is any case that people dead because of too stressful for not having a lot of work?

muahehehe! i'll break the record. hohoho!
yes, this is people. you complaint for having too much work and you still complaint for not having work. this is normal people. Life is like that =P we will never be satisfy for every thing we owned or done. i mean, me. i have never really knows what i wants in life for real.

all i know, are these

i want to have billions of money in my saving account.
i want to own a car.
i want Iphone.
i want to have a good career.
i want to be confirmed.
i want to meet Lee MinHo in person.
i want to compose a song.
i want a pretty fair skin.
i want a wavy long hair.
i want to fix things.
i want to stay with my parents for ever.
i want Khayla to grow up and so we could go to shop and travel together.
i want to travel with my family to New Zealand.
i want to settle down, get married and have kids.
i want a happy marriage life.


and the list continue on and on ..
but anyway, as i said, life is like that. we wont have the signs or premonitions of the future. so, let's just have our finger crossed and hope :)


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