Sunday, October 2, 2011

20th September.

yay! finally im posting this out. nothing much, but wanted to share my days in Darby Park. I was away for 3 days to attend a very short, yet, heart attacked Confirmation's Test & Interview. cant believed it's already been a year since i first moved to Sandakan! Times fly  just too fast, i know. 

so, i basically joined PNB on September, 20th 2010. i was on probation for a year, before i could really be Married with PNB. so, a year passed, Air Ticket issued, Hotel booked, and i made my way, alone, to meet the judges. i hope i did well, i swear to God they can hear my heart beat raced!

i havent received any letter, yet.
  but my Boss hint a good sign, so let's just keep our finger crossed, will ya? :D

Darby Park's Living Room! how awesome?

My bed. mine, ALONE! =D

someone's behind the mirror!
it's me. 

Early in the morning, Ready to sit the Test! =D

The best Ayam Pencet ive ever tested in Ampang Park. 

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