Friday, October 21, 2011

I love you, like a Love Song Baby!

Friday, Friday, Friday. 

I am so in love. 

How great you are, giving us smiles more than ever .. 
I loveeee youuu, like a love songgg baby.

Nothing much happened this morning.
Just some planning for this coming November and next March (i just cant wait!)
need to re-arrange my leaves, i have to make sure i'll have enough days to make it to the overseas next March (ohh yes, i just cant wait)

hope everything goes well as planned. 

sadly, i have to shorten my Christmas leave this year :'(

Bali Trip cancelled, i cannot take the risk of having another earthquake. Lots of unexpected things happened lately. so, pre caution guys. See you some other time, Bali. we'll surely have the time. hopefully.

we're thinking of visiting Universal again. 
but that depends. cant decide yet. 
I am still waiting for the good news now. Waiting is such a painful, guys. 

Anyhoooooo, Happy Friday guys! =D


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