Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday oh Saturday

it feels great to be home. 


waking up at 4.30am is so not me! Only if, 
i have to catch my flight this early. 
i have to go to the toilet
i have to take my blanket on the floor
i have not yet go to bed

but yesterday was a record ! i woke up that early people!! showered, prepared and breakfast =D me & Yana were actually planned to go to the Wet Market, to buy sea food. after fetching Mike at home, we straightly went to the market. 

my oh my. 

there's a large crowd gathered, bargained and buying. those fishes were still jumping around, guys. so fresh i can tell. so unusual situation for me to start d day hehe i bought Crab and Prawn to bring home. and we headed to Ranau, chit chatting all the way.

10.45am, we reached home. and Yana made her way to KK. 

Dad was already waited for me, and we went to Pasar againnnnn.. i wanna eat Durian!! but sadly, i cant find any. those Durian i found were already reserved. so sad. so i bought Mangga & Jambu instead. nyum nyum.

we went home. My mum cooked Bubur Ayam Kampung and ohhhhh goshhh, it was the best porridge ever, ive eat. nyum nyum. i spent the whole Saturday with Khayla, my niece. she will always be the cutest & adorable kid for me =)

let's see what i have on Sunday. 

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