Friday, November 4, 2011

If i can turn back time, but nooo.. i cant. lalala

wo ai Friday! =D

nothing much, nothing much. my activities for the past 1 week, let's see

1)  ive been lying helplessly on my bed for days.
2)  i cant eat. no, i am not diet. i CANT. not that i dont want to.
3)  ive been vomiting for almost every second, every day.
4)  i think i had lost some Kilos due to all of these.
5)  i am sooo freaking jealous to see healthy people pass me by. i want to be like them. to be healthy.

6)  i eat more than 10 pills for days. a totally new record for the year.
7)  my youngest brother has moved to Sandakan (yay!)
8)  i lost my lense somewhere in my eyes. scary i know. thank God i found it.
9)  i went back to Ranau and ate Durian. RM15 per kilo guys. (dan sikit pengsan) 

10) i have finally bought a new Winter Coat for next year's Trip! ( mau blajar dlu British Accent =P)

see, not much.
im going back home tomorrow =D the highlight of the week!

oh, i am so in the mood of Christmas now. 



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