Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kisah cinta kita di Jakarta II

Back to normal! back to work! back to basic!

safely landed at the land of Orang Utan, two connection flight from CGK-KK-SDK. it was more tiring than i could imagined. luckily, i applied one off day last minute. i slept the whole day. 

Jakarta is a nice place. 
you can shop and bargain, at d lowest price! 
tho i see no Rossa or Pasha Ungu around, i still think it is a nice place :)
Macetnya lumayan, u see (traffic jam) it took us longer than it supposed to be in one place with taxi, but yeah. who likes traffic jam anyway? :D

Indonesian is exceeding every day, as we already know. 
They would do anything for money, u can see they sell things around with bike, they opened a small stall like, 'Nasi Goreng Stall', they would massage your feet for a 5000 Rupiah (RM2), they would offer to carry your shopping bags. you see, almost anything. 

You cannot see any foreigner doing the work, like cleaning the toilet, build-ing, parking, etc. compare of what we have here, they're thousand of Indonesian, Indian or Filipino getting paid for doing those. i think our local are just being too choosy and that is why the percentage of unemployed people is increasing almost every day.   

but who's to blame? 

here some snaps from the love of Jakarta :)


Christmas, 3 more days!

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