Sunday, December 11, 2011

OH Saturday

okay, it's bed time people. 

23 minutes passed 3 in the morning. i was out all day. went to see my colleague's wedding, my dear's friend wedding, a Karaoke & Poco2 competition & a football match in Subway. reached home 1am. Tired :( 

i got a news from one of my colleague during the wedding, im not really sure if he meant it or just saying, but he made his point. right now, all i need is an official letter to re confirm. 

if it's true, then i need a new house to rent. 
and i need a car. 

if it's not, then i still need a car :P

Dad received his Master today! Congratulations Daddy!! sorry i cannot make it there and watch it myself. We are so proud of you! <3 Safe journey tomorrow :)

Good night peeps!

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