Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's official. I am a mum of two.

Sounds really old is it? Ahaha but, it's official. I gave birth to my second son last week exactly at 2.22am Thank God baby is fine and getting healthier.. altho I had to bear d 10+ hours of labor pain. Ha! Seriously. I went to d labor room at 4pm and only went out from it at 4.30am. Seriously.
But thank God everything's finally okay.
2 lil bodyguards I have now =)
Anywayyyyyy, we're bringing the kids to the Disneyland next year! Yeeha! Husby thought of having a leisure vacay in Thai next week but he suddenly said 'why not hk'.. sa okayyy ja klu kna sponsor tiket. Ahaha so. Next thing to do is, renew our passport.
Im going back to d land of d mountain next week. Excited! Gonna spend d rest of my confinement days at home. Geez.
Thats it. Xx

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