Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home Sweety Home

It's freezing here. When was the last time i went home? i cant recall, probably it was in August or Sept. Reached home on Monday, and it's been raining since then. I am getting used with the coldness.. haha i have my socks on even it's 12 noon. Ranau just smell so sweet to me. Going to cherish every moment of it. Anyways, 3 weeks left before i get back to work, and we, my lil family, will going to spend my last 10 days (of maternity leave) in KL.

My baby is 1 month 2 days now.
He's getting heavier. last time we checked he had gained 1.20kg, with a total offff 3.80kg (he was born with 2.60kg)

Oh, ive been spending my day with watching 10 episodes of The Heirs. haha i am sooooooo in love with the romance. Mesmerizing the good old days!

Until then. see ya.

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