Monday, November 18, 2013

Precious hero

It is funny how time fly that you merely forget what had happened yesterday because it went off just in a blink of an eye. True, the time will goes twice faster when you're having a great time and goes slower than a snail when it's otherwise. Time just went off faster here in Ranau =( buttt, i am excited to go back to work (HAHA, weird), trying to fit back all my baju kurungs (IF i get back to my size) meet my friends and heard the stories i had missed... I havent apply my my Christmas leave yet, i need to go back home this December cause Mimut is getting engage (FINALLY) and we have to be there.. (Compulsory as it sounds) 

For Christmassssss, We are going back to kampung Kota Marudu this year, hopefully my husband can make it. He's just too busy with his works lately, ah, i wish we could spend some more time together, i mean more and more time TOGETHER, 24/7 if possible (HAHA) he already planned the Hong Kong Trip to make up all the times he missed since the election started but with him, it just aint enough. I need him to be with me all the time :P 

BUT if there's more over seas trips, maybe i could consider to give him his 'ME' time alone. :P

Okay. pictures time. 

i have been a quite loyal patient to the Hospital this year, been admitted to the emergency for few times.

THANK GOD now that 2 weeks more weeks left before i can starts BER HUHA again. banyak list makanan suda mau makan hehehehe 

Present to you my dearest baby, Rayqarl =)
Mummy loves you to the max sayang.

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