Thursday, May 13, 2010

and so the chapter begin..

CONGRATULATIONS to this newly wed couple :)

Raysia @ Adani
Mohd. Sallehuddin

they got married on March, 13th this year at groom's side.
another date was marked for their 2nd ceremony - bride's side on May, 1st

lemme tell ya a little bit of their first met's story :P They happened to be a childhood friends actually, they shared d same primary school, secondary and even at d same Uni's campus. however, they started to notice each other's existing ONLY AFTER graduated. Were assigned to teach at d same school, which took 4-5 hours from Ranau Town. and suddenly, after a few Cat & Dog's scenes, they declared. 5 years later, got engaged and now, officially married.

"who knows, d person you passed thru d road might be your lifetime lover"


agree? :P

so, d ceremony started at 1pm.
and end in midnight.
i was truly exhauted indeed. went home at 11 something, shower and straightly went to bed -_- my eyes just cant hold any longer :P it was a bit of mess at d beginning, sorry sisterrr!! hehehe but heard she's enjoyed most of it. haha

well, let pictures do d talking ya.

wish for you lifetime happiness, sista! :)


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Cath J said...

Very nice photos.. ^_^