Saturday, May 15, 2010


Morning guys :) i cant sleep. duh* im planning to go to Pasar this morning with my mum actually, but looks like someone has to carry those sayur - alone. hihi anyways, yesterday was a depressing day for me! i supposedly joined d joyful on my youngest bro's party.. but instead of doing so, i caught myself sitting on d couch, WITH my mind went away~ huhu. Thank God my two dearest nephew were there - Damien & Darren.. their smiles, at least cured a piece of this broken liver!

so many things on my head! including this letter :( which was only received in hand, 10 days after they mailed it away.

i am not a fan of rejection!
the feeling sucks
& yeah. im sad.

who knows, someday, somewhere, my turn will arrived :D

btw, happy birthday bro! will tell d story in my next post :)
til then, cheers!

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