Sunday, May 9, 2010


Just got back home! long journey, tiring tho. Me, my mum, kobie, Roy and Roxanne went back to our dearly kampung this morning.. :] but will share it in my next post. Let's talk about yesterday :))

Yesterday.. all my trouble seems so far away.. :P

watched IRON MAN 2 -

"dont get attached with someone too close, learn to let go"

Justin Hemmer

jeez! love d movie altho they talked like, so much -___-
Karaoke-ing after that. d LADIES at d counter were pretty damn rude actually.. You can get d warmest service ONLY if you are a GUY. duh.

McD later on.
refreshing all d funniest/scariest/odd-est memories to the table.
:D gila ni berabis ketawa! haha

heading back home at 3.15AM.

oh, pusing-pusing at Kg. Air kijap. hihi.
Gorgeous ladies, i tell youuuuuuu!! :D

well, enough for today. til next post, cheers! :D

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Cath J said...

wow.. great time...^_^