Friday, May 21, 2010

hoping for d best!

wink* it's pretty cold down here.
i guess it's the only way to attract people to love Ranau, well, you know, apart from its beatiful natures :) i barely forgot how ages i had left the nature already. i miss it so much! the skirt we wearing, even it's, like, so ice there :P the 6 hours climbing twice a month and those complimentaries i entitled :P

anyways, yesterday was a tiring day for me. woke up as early as 4am, shower, grooming, packed some little stuff and started d journey with my bro Roy, his gf and my youngest bro. It's d day to meet d interviewers! crossing fingers all d way to d land of Orang Utan.. reached 8.30am, breakfast at Bandar Kim Fung, and went straightly to ASNB. It's a longggg wait! 10.15am and they only called my name exactly at 2pm. phew! luckily, d candidates sitting next to my left-right, were friendly :)

the interview!
i did my best, hoping something good out of it.
at least, they laughed at my joke :P
oddly expected, yeah.

we spent some time at d Church St. Micheal, Gentingmas & ate Ikan Bakar too :D reached home ranau at 1.30am :D and mum still awake waiting for us.. ;)

let's end this post with me, at d beautiful st. micheal church :P hihi


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