Friday, August 6, 2010

Random Talk.

super duper tired -_- update: ive got a job! yay! and it's too far from where im staying at the moment. i move in with my sister for awhile, still looking around for a room to rent. i need to survive on my own. learn how to be independent. im not good in surviving myself in fact. so, here's a chance for me to prove "Ninie, you can do it! " it's just a common job btw, but at least, i have something to do rather to stay at home 24-7, calculating my gaining weights every single MINUTE! lol. tho i have to work til midnight, 11.00pm to be specific, i kinda likes this new job :)

Uhh, it's my sister's birthday today :) AUGUST, 6th. i have to work til midnight today, so im out of the cake cutting's guest list.. hehe but for you my dear sister, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet 16!! Muahehehehehe. age is just a numberrrrr.... Sorry, at times i caused millions of troubles on you, but i love you still, and always be. and i wish you all the best in your life.. mostly in your marriage and career :)

Happy Birthday!
May your new God bless you as always.


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