Sunday, August 8, 2010


phew! penatttt. tiring day for me again. tho i supposedly took this off day for 'day off'.. where i should have just relax and resting at home. but instead of doing so, i actually went out again, from morning till midnight. cashing money everywhere!! uhhhhhuuu.. i promised myself to start saving MANY YEARS ago.

anywaysss, i actually met my dearly childhood bestfriends today :) we dont get to gather like this most of the time indeed. masing2 busy with our own life. buddy cely is busy preparing things for her up-coming wedding, which what we're waiting for, gomoi & ujie busy with their works, beth with her family, mimie with her kl-lifestyle hood, cecelia.. since she was transferred to stock dept, she's getting busier than ever. while me, in the other hand, is busy looking for direction. i seriously dunno what im heading to, and it's kinda sucks. looking back at the time we used to had, it's kinda weird to see how things started to change the way we never thought it'd be. we used to text each other 100 times a day before, we used to squeeze ourselves on one bed just to make sure all of us were in the same room and we used to do things with our way,, i miss those days :')

emo. haha

need to sleep early tonight :) nitey nite guys.

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