Sunday, August 15, 2010

my Saturday.

howie guys :)
it was really a moody saturday yesterday. lots of things happened, and cant find anyone to share. lucky enough, my cousin was there. at least, someone will realized if im gone mad, or if im made my way to the window. lol. No, no... suicide is never going to be the best solution.

anyways, yesterday.. went to watch movie again. things i can do to chill myself, at least that's the best i can do. apart from karaoke-ing :P i was waiting the Growns Up to be released actually. heard it's an awesome movie. saw some of its re-cap too!! :D guys, it's Adam Sandler in that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyways # 2, it was The Expendables we watched.
a stunt movie, but have some laughed on it too. funny. great movie :D

then and now,
im still confused of where im heading to -_-

what's the best i can do to live my life?

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Gallivanter said...

Time is the best solution to answer that question. In time, we learn new things and open ourselves up to new possibilities. This is just a period of unknowing that we all go through in some point of our lives. :-)