Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My prayer for this girl :)

If one day, her world started to crash and burnt into pieces,
If one day, her hopes fade silently into the dust
If one day, her reality is the worst nightmare she could ever dream
If one day, her surrounds started to leave her one by one
If one day, there is no one can accept for who she is..

I hope she can still hang on.
as my prayers goes faithfully for her..

I pray for her, to be granted the power of ability to pass these phases and
move on..
I pray for her, to be granted the power of encouragement, so even when she's all by herself passing through those roads, she can talk to her heart - to waits, to be strong and to keep on walking along with her .. so she wont feel alone at all, even in the reality, she actually is.
I pray for her to be strong. to learn that everything happen for a reason.. to learn that she will gained the loves she had missed along the way, to learn that she will be loved by them, who had hates her.. and
to learn that she will not be left out
for ever.

I'll be wishing upon the stars, just for her, so she will have the right time to
fix everything..
to win back the hearts she had painfully lost.

she just needs a little more time.
i know.

to gain the happiness she used to have.



IsaiahEzra said...

so touchy...but I hope she'll be a stronger person

Rhythm of My Soul said...

ninie...though the person 'she' is not refering to me, but thank you so much...i feel a little relief...take care girl..