Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the 25

facts. i copied the tag from Mr. franky :D dia bilang "tagged, sepa2 la mau buat" haha.. so, here we goes.

1. i love traveling. so much.
2. i love skyline. but i dont own any.
3. im pretty addicted to online shopping. i shop mostly thru internet.
4. i love fashion.
5. i loves to sing. any place. any where. currently, me & yana's fav. song in the car "keliru- ruth sahayana"

6. How i met your mother, Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives, Supernatural, The Amazing Race Asia, Ghost whisperer, Curtis - take home chef : are all my number 1 TV shows.

7. im a food monster.
8. i love dimples. at times, i wish i was born with it XD
9. my sony mp3 is my bestbuddy, which i cant live without.
10. i believed in karma. what goes around, comes around.
11. can see ghosts when i was a little girl.
12. is currently looking for baju kurung moden. just realized how mine are so outdated.
13. is the youngest daughter
14. stubborn
15. sensitive. sometimes.
16. Gonop is my night buddy. and i truly cant live without it also.
17. HATES snake, worms and its relatives.
18. Bongking & Koko were my other souls, until they died. i lost a part of me.
19. i love beach!!
20. i love Vincci
21. my first crush when i was in primary :D
22. my first love was a disaster.
23. found my soulmate, and was so heavenly beautiful until i ruined everything.
24. deeply regret for 23.
25. lastly, i am me.

whoa. tagged all of my bloggers friends :D

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