Friday, November 5, 2010

Love is sweet when it's new, but sweeter when it's true.

They say:
we were given,
two legs to walk
two eyes to see
two ears to listen
but why only one heart?
.. because the other was given to someone else for us to find.

really? we all been in the same shoes, searching for the love to come, to be loved and to love in return. some found their true loves, some still waiting, some gave up & some just dont give any damn for this love thing. personally, i had experienced alot since i step to the love's gate. i never knew it could be that complicated, never knew it could be that painful, never knew it could be that hopeless... :S anyways, they said: love brings happiness and smile on your days! but i guess, they forgot to tell me what happens when love failed to work.

i read a book my boss gave me on my 2004's birthday. it says:
If God sees you need a mate, He will provide the right one at the right time.

from what i see, along the meeting Mr. right's journey : there will be several little stages we need to go through. a little training for us, to prepare ourselves to meet the one. to learn how to love perfectly :) yes, it's normal to find and keep looking for the mr. right, but if you get tired, slow it down, relax.. let love find you instead.

i went to my sis in law's house yesterday, and we shared some sad stories, little thing did i know, life is short.. and getting shorter if we lost the one we love.

there's this two lovely couple who just got married two years ago. the husband was teacher in ranau while the woman worked in kgau. few miles separate them. because of love, this wife tried her hard to get transfer to ranau. one day, this man complaint of feeling discomfort in his chest. after some arrangement with the doctor, they decided to operate him. so, the operation went on. hours after, the doctor said the operation was successful. but somehow... the man died on the operation table. it wasnt his chest that caused the great pain. it was the blood - darah beku - on his knees which had been there for years. and sadly, it attacked till his brain too. more sad, his wife's application to get transferred was successful on the same day.. and she got her stuff moved from kgau to ranau already. i cant imagine her feeling to bring back her stuff. it's really sad.

she even said "i dont wanna get married anymore.."

we never know what the future may hold for us. but let's just starts telling people how much we love them, everyday okay? :)

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