Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cake Blowing.

so, here's us at yana's birthday last monday. tho there were only few of us, but it was meaningful. she smiled throughout the night! happiness shows, & what more can we ask? :) it was all last minute planning, we first thought, it would be awesome to celebrate it at Subway [the sandakan's upperstar] but then, the plan changed. it would be twice better to have the birthday party at home. it was a messy plan to tell the truth, but Thanked God. it went well :D thanks to all the co-stars. Hahaha

basically, it was like this.

i text to several friends, telling them it's Yana's day.

planned. re-planned. planned.
i need to get all the birthday stuff before 7pm.
we had the FIMM class right on the same day, and bad news was, the class only finished exactly at 6pm. so, many times wasted. lol. wasted for good purpose, correction.
so, i told Yana to go home without me, i need to see the doctor, she believed. i managed to settle everything only at 7.30pm. to get the cake. stuff. meals. everything. i text Yana to dress up and went to midnight hunting. she first said

'p mana kita? curiga aku tau..'

i confidently said,
'kita p jalan2... boring d ruma. sa kasi kawan ko kasi abis birthday ko huhu'

she agreed.
i told my other housemate to prepare the meals while i brought Yana jalan jalan. funny thing, i planned to go jalan only around Indah Jaya ONLY, our apartment's area, but somehow, we reached the Bandar utama. jauh juga kami berjalan. lol. she looks quite sad indeed. i pretend the best i can to sigh every little words she said.

i even said
' tiapa yang. at least, ko tia saturang time birthday ko.. '

after Tisha confirmed everything on set, i told Yana that i forgot my ic and need to take the ic from our home. easy to convince her. i am known as the clumsy head after all. so, on our way back, we share some sad stories together, esp the birthday thingy, and i can saw her sadness eyes.

good thing.

we reached at the car park few minutes later but she refused to go upstairs.

'ala yang.. sakit lagi perut sa.. lama ni d atas.. mari la kita naik kijap'

'tiapa la yang, take your time, aku tunggu sini ja.. mau melawan perasaan jap dengar2 lagu..'

'kasi kawan sa, takut ba mau naik saturang'

she laughed.

'kalau ko sayang sa, ko kasi kawan sa naik atas'

i swear to you, she damn hate the words. but she followed me to go upstair anyhow.. i let her opened the door, emotionless she unlocked the door key, one by one, i was trying to hold my smile actually. expected what will happened once the door opened.

so, the last key was unlocked. slowly, she opened the door.
it was dark.

silent. eh, why no people?

Tadaaaa!!! they were at the back's door! with the cake on their hands,whistling with d kiddis's whistle, they sang the traditional sweet birthday's song!!

Yana was almost burst into tears!!
she even deeply exhaled before she blew the cake! haha we had to re-sing the birthday song. who can forgot your birthday, yana? she was all smiled, even at our serious conversation, she was still smiling.

oh, another good thing happened that night :P

we later went to cinema, for SKYLINE. ah, seriously, dont waste your RM8 for this movie. wont worth at all. tho we got free ticket to watch it [the staff was awesome], do not worth at all. to mr. producer, why cant you just finished the part 1 perfectly? it's a creation. should be perfect.

anyway, we had a blast on that night.

Happy Birthday Yana!

who's next?

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