Sunday, November 21, 2010

My sunday.

it's Sunday, yet again. i wonder how time can flies such soon :) leaving all the memories behind. aisey. very emo la this fine afternoon, my housemate Yana is finally home, a big glad! being all alone in our house is never been my favourite! not then, not now. Yes, esp when i had experienced the weird thingy here :D jeng jeng jeng!!

today's activities:
airport, fetch Yana.
lunch at Bandar Labuk.
Saloon at Bandar Kim Fung.

lame. i know.
Sandakan has no many place to stay indeed.
Subway, English Tea House, Bistro, Sate
but if you're the seafood's lover, this city can be your seafood heaven!! eat till you drop, agree?

just for a record, im allergic to SEAFOOD.


oh, Oldtown, Secret Recipe are here too.
& im seriously addicted to Orea milkshake..


taking my nap now.
see ya.

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