Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Aims

a.k.a Resolutions!

omg. omg. omg.
it's 2011 ALREADY! can u believed how fast time is? the truth is, i dont remember what was my last resolutions, or maybe i dont have any at all :P but this year!! 2011! i have few resolutions need to be done before the end of this year :P

Firstly, LONG HAIR

i wanna let my hair grow longer than usual. perhaps i can do it like Leighton or Kimmy :P


No, im not that dangerously thin. but i need to maintain my body to its best. especially my dearest tummy! it's bigger than it should be, and i look bad with it :P so, diet is a must. eat healthy food. No more cokes. No more choco. No more cakes. unless, it's Oreo cheesecake, then it's okay. lol

i wanna be thin. but not thin as this.

THIRDLY, a bunch of dress collection.

i always have fond on cute dresses. matching clothes sometimes can be difficult, so i have my respects to woman who knows how to match their clothes perfectly. it would be a great bonus to have lots of different collection in my wardrobe. it's important for a woman to look great everyday.

i wanna be one of them.


i seriously wanna save my money for traveling. to see the world. to experience different culture, on how they see things in a different angle. hopefully, with God's will, i can travel at least 2 different countries this year.


o yea. i'll be nicer than ever. i vowed myself to be nicer :

to my family. my parents esp.
to my love one & friends. trying my best to the best buddy they ever had
to my money. to manage them wisely. and no more freely swiping.
to my eyes. to wake up early in the morning.
to house chores. to rajin buat kerja suda.

and lastly, to my self
hopefully, i can do the best in everything i do and get the best result in the end.
i am not perfect, but trying my best to be nearly as one :)

Life is a j o u r n e y .

2010 has been an ups & downs for me. but through it all God has kept me. Thank you Lord for another year. I am looking forward to great joy, happiness and blessings in 2011.


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