Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steamboat !

Sandakan offers the best food on earth, so far! specifically, SEAFOOD! you should know why. and if you dont, should you know that there's always a way to reach sandakan! :D we were thinking of Ikan Bakar at first, but then Yana delightfully came to me and sayin:

Steamboat @ 1malaysia, Trighill.

Jijul & Jas were there too!!
my stomach was heavenly full before i manage to finish all the foods! and no matter how hard im trying to inhale covering my tummy, it is still there. so obvious.

my. how to lose weight without skipping dinner?

sneak peak of that day :)

Thanks Yana for the dinner :D
i think i still have the last piece of crab in my tummy.


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KEN said...

Hi Ninie!!! I miss your blog!!! I'm linking it up to my blog ok? Btw, yg blog lama sya tu Mrs Graig's Place is no longer my blog..but I saw my new blog in ur list Mom And Her Diary tu..hehe..hugs!!!