Sunday, January 16, 2011

my weekend.

yesterday, me & yana went to discover this city, again.. we were thinking of resting all day long at first, but she goes:

'takkan kita teda aktiviti ni ari moi?'

so, instead of letting our saturday to be wasted just like that, we dressed up and went straightly to eat Sate & ABC special at Kim Fung area.

i know, i cannot resist it either. it looks too yummy for me :P
the next destination is English Tea House. it's a relaxing area! you get to see birds chirping around, to get entertained by the 80's songs and o yeah, to be surround by nature :)

and we also went to Pasar Malam at Kim Fung.

:) and SUNDAY [which is T O D A Y] ~ i choose to rest since Monday is coming in just hours to come! my!

Happy Sunday guys :D

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