Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teeth thingy.

oh my goodness!

i think i have just gotten into a woman most nightmare's stage! i never thought this aging process could be this faster than i had imagine.

oh my goodness!

im losing my teeth, again. yep. again. like, twice.
was so scary looking at d mirror this morning, and i cannot stop staring at it. convincing myself that ive just been congratulate by the aging team, like 'hey, we've been waiting for you ninie, welcome! oh look, you have just been to the stage 1.. losing your teeth'


it hurts every moment before sleep and it continues to be incredibly difficult to deal during daytime. basically, my job is all about talking to people and explaining. so it is hard for me to be radiant-friendly when my teeth told me to shut up.

badly dentist in need :(

let's see how tomorrow goes.

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