Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To Make You Feel my Love - Adele

o yea. it was a heart-sob few days ago. with a lonely step and a stranger feels-like at d boarding hall. but, nothing happens for no reason, with God's will, it do happens for a reason and is yet to see.

cut d crap.
good news is, I bought lots of goodies for my self. like, 5 pairs of heels, new cover for my nikon :P a perfect reason for me to cheer my days. lol! oh, currently im in Babies' mood! i easily fall in love with all d kids i met around, their smiles, small feet, small hand.. ohh gosh, i just cannot wait for my sister to deliver her baby! anytime soon, guys.

God, guide her, guard her as she needs it the most :)


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