Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time slips away.

wah! tag delayed! supposed to be 10 days challenge, but now it has continually became 20 days. i wish for just a minute, the time will stop ticking.

oh, but there are plenty of ideas why this would be a terrible idea.

Friday would be really late.
Saturday would beee really-really late!

but hey, Monday is also LATE! i have never like Monday, anyway.

okay. so, im blogging live from my new house at the moment. 3-bedrooms apartment, which is wayyyy nicer than the old apartment.. just that, we need some hard work to do on renovating the living room. to make it seriously feels like home :) i love it, for now. i feel really good to stay at this house, although, we have to climb to the 4th floor (which is the highest, fyi) everyday...

remember the words 'everything happens for a reason' ?

it is indeed happening to me now.

im on my knees, praying for my healthy (OR, to be SLIM) but i am busy enough to find myself a perfect time to jog, well here He is, my Saviour lovable Lord :) God answers my prayer, by giving me the 4th floor.


now, i can exercise like, everyday.

i am practicing living life healthy. jiayou!

finger crossed for a good news tomorrow :)
good night :D

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