Sunday, March 27, 2011

God has a better plan for you, Chris Medina

any of you who saw Chris Medina audition in American Idol will knows his heartbreaking & inspiring story. Just two months before vowed upon God, his fiancée, Juliana Ramos met an accident that caused a great brain injury, left her confined mainly to a wheelchair.. Tho Medina cannot make it to the final 24, Rodney Jerkins, a successful producer recorded a song 'what are words' inspired by his true sad love story & and indeed, people most favorite right now :)

he is the man :)

his faith and love to Juliana somehow convinced me how True Love truly do exist.

my prayers goes to you, Chris :)

keep on believing. God has a better plan for you and Juliana.


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AnnieMing said...

I actually cried when I watched his story on AI.. He's really one in a million. God bless him and his fiancee..